Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Water Bottle Initiative Update

I talked to a friend of mine who goes to OLP where they have had great success with reducing the amount of plastic water bottles on campus. Here's a list of things they did, which you may consider suggesting as improvements in your letter to Mrs. Roberson:

  • Added 3 water filters in the area (for people to refill)
  • Removed water bottle vending machines
  • Sold $5 reusable water bottles (STWF is willing to do this!) during lunch
  • Posters to promote the change (don't forget to create yours!)

Recycling bins were also added in the case anyone continued to bring water bottles from home.

Anyway, don't forget to do your letters/posters/research!

I have searched high and low on the school website and Google for Mrs. Roberson's email address to no avail, but I'll be going down to the main office tomorrow so I'll post it soon!

Edit: Thanks to the anonymous comment below, we now know jroberson@sandi.net is her email address!

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