Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Paper everywhere!

I often feel like this gal:

And when I do, the thought always wonders into my head: Is the IB actually trying to kill trees?

Between the massive amounts of homework we get, the countless IAs, we have CAS and the EE, and it just seems like the deluge of paper NEVER ENDS. This probably won't be changing anytime soon, but there are a couple of things you can do to reduce your paper consumption:

  • Print double-sided! (Most printers will allow you to do this manually, where you print the odd pages first and then flip the pages for your printer to print the even pages in reverse)
  • Don't print! (Unless you have to, of course)
  • Recycle all those college letters you're getting! (I use them for scratch paper/homework)
  • Go paperless (pay your bills online, get newsletters online, etc.)

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  1. Ohh man, finally a use for those college letters. I do feel terrible disposing of them, even if they do go to the recycling. So, cool.


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