Saturday, November 19, 2011


The most important thing for all club members to do is to write their letters to Mrs. Roberson! Her email is Be very kind in your letters—she's our new principal and we want her help in being able to change the water bottle policy in our school. Very few letters have been written so far... so write, write, write!

We also discussed ASB issues. Primarily, we want an environmental week for our school (similar to "spirit weeks" and preferably around Earth Day). Just as importantly, we want to discuss the issue of unnecessary waste in school events—namely, the releasing of huge amounts of balloons into the air at various school functions. I will personally communicate with ASB about these issues. Again, we want their help in these issues, and I will mention alternatives for the balloons that we have discussed in our class.

Our T-Shirts are coming along, I suppose we're still waiting for our bike rack, and we're considering donating to wildlife organizations. I'll end this post with another detail about the water bottle initiative: we're ordering reusable water bottles to sell in school. It's possible to put designs on them. Do we want a SAVE THE WORLD FRIDAYS logo, or do we want something different? Do want Jiem's BOTTLENOSE SAYS "BOTTLES? NO!"? Do we want REFILL NOT LANDFILL? Do we want nothing at all? These are questions for the ages. What I want to know, is who will be responsible for ordering the bottles? Will it be our treasurer? is that how it usually works

Anyway, that was a good meeting. Have a good Thanksgiving break! I'll see you all in a week.


  1. To answer some of the questions:

    Given that Katra found the reusable water bottles she's looking more into ordering them. Payment will be the responsibility of our treasurer, Natalia.

    Additionally, if anyone has a different preference for a design on the bottles, please have your slogan/design ready by the next meeting because we'll be finalizing all the details of the water bottle initiative during on next meeting on the 2nd. See you there!

  2. In regards to your post about ASB. The crew from ASB do not release balloons in any case at any event. After all dances and sporting events ASB, pops and disposes of the balloons properly, so you will not need to speak to them directly, more as to, request that they do not allow people to take balloons out and release them.

  3. I can take care of paying for the water bottles for sure! I hope it isn't a problem that we didn't put that on our original list of expenses for the year... We hadn't discussed it at the time, but I'm sure we can still get a check from our account. I will get a form from the financial office as soon as possible and talk to katra!


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