Saturday, November 12, 2011

Farmers' Markets (a documentary)

Natalie, Joanna and I all made this for Film class. Cool stuff about organic farming, EBT, and living local:

Also: after meeting members of some other school's environmental club, I was really enamored with the idea of developing a community garden on the campus of the school. I'll propose it at our next club meeting—I think it would be good to look at after we have established our bottle initiative.


  1. Where do you think we could put it? Aside from kind of re-doing the IS garden, which I would be all right with if everyone else is in favor.

  2. I think it might be disrespectful to redo the I.S. Garden given that some people did put in a lot of effort into making it a Water Conservation Garden not too long ago.

    However, as I mentioned in one of the meetings, the NP library is growing tomatoes inside, (which will be the topic of my next blog post as soon as I finish it!) which is something we could definitely look into. There are also all sorts of interesting ways to grow things (e.g. mushrooms grow really well in almost anything, including an old pair of jeans).

    Other than that, I enjoyed the documentary and Evolution sounds great.


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