Friday, January 29, 2010

STWF news

 A lot has been going on with STWF and heres the latest and greatest news!
We are partnering with the Science Scholars club to create tee-shirts (with both our logos on them). We might also do future things with them as well.
We are ordering more of our tee-shirts (same design for bags and shirts, new colors), we still have recycled shoes for 20$ men sizes only.
Each member was asked to bring a design for a new STWF logo for next meeting. If you make one remember it must NOT be copyrighted. Remember that some websites, like Nasa will let you use their images if you credit their work somewhere on your design.
Max James mother of is sponsoring us again this year for Earth Fair in Balboa Park.
Our latest idea is to have an environmental week. (kind of like spirit week) Where one day you might take a two minute shower and the next you might plant a tree ect. Those who provide proof that they did the activity every day will be entered in a drawing to win some sort of prize.
Our next meeting will be in Ms Bermans room 1029, because we are doing something with Science Scholars.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain! & Other News

Hi everyone,
If you're receiving rain, and you probably are, please remember to turn off your sprinklers and any other unnecessary appliances. Also, instead of cranking up the heater, remember basic tips and just put on another layer.

In other news, our club wants to begin donating a portion of the profit we make to some sort of environmental/activist group. The organizations we're considering are either the American Red Cross or UNICEF; we would also specify that we want the funds to go to Haitian relief.

We're hoping to be able to donate half of the profit to whichever organization we do pick, and in the meantime, please begin thinking about what color bag/shirt you would like to purchase from our club.

The prices aren't changing, it's just that the proceeds are now going to bigger cause.

Bags - $10
Shirts - $12
We still have a couple in stock. Visit Mr. Steussy's room (B3) to purchase your items.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Little Composter that Could

A local resident Gianna Salazar of North Park California has been saving the world daily at the ripe age of six. What started out as a purchace of a composter from a closing store, is now helping Giannas garden florish. Lisa Pugliese, Giannas mother, puts un used vegetables, amoung other foods, in a bag. Afterwards Gianna sticks the food into the composter and turns the wheel. Not long after the compost is ready. "I really like turning the wheel its fun and looking at the food inside. I like how it helps the garden and mother earth" boasts Gianna. For more information on how to compost please visit
new composter! Pictures, Images and Photos