Friday, November 4, 2011

NOVEMBER 4 MEETING - Water bottle initiative!

Hey hey hey buds. Important, text-dense stuff this week!

We are now pursuing our water bottle initiative. Our main goal is to reduce the use of water bottles throughout the complex. We want everyone in the club to start writing letters for the complex principal. I believe her name is Mrs. Roberson? I couldn't find her email address, but I'll post again later with more information about the letter-writing campaign. A few ideas for what to include in your letter:
  • Your environmental concerns and reasons for supporting the club.
  • A link to or mention of videos, documentaries, or any other sources you find are helpful and informative, as the specific issues with water bottles.
  • A question on how feasible it would be to implement change in the school's relationship with water bottles—how do order vending machine products, who do we order them through, can we change what we order, who chooses what the other school vendors sell, etc. Don't deluge them with questions, but do express a curiosity for how we can affect change.
  • Mention past initiatives of this sort. I believe OLP, another San Diego school, already removed water bottles on their campus? That is something I heard in the meeting, but I'll need a confirmation on that.
These are all just suggestions for the letter—write it however you feel is best, and focus on the issue of water bottles.

Also part of our water bottle campaign will include informational PSA-style flyers warning against the use of water bottles and promoting the benefits of water bottle alternatives. I suppose there's an open invitation for the design of the flyers. Bring any designs in to the next meeting and we'll decide what to do with them.

We must additionally consider the question of where these flyers will be placed. The ideal would be in locations where water bottles are sold (vending machines, near food carts, etc.; they could also alternatively be placed near water fountains). Where we can place the flyers is a different question from where we should place the flyers—I would suppose this would be under the jurisdiction of ASB. I can go to them soon and discuss the guidelines for the initiative.

As part of this initiative, we're also considering purchasing reusable water bottles to resell on campus. This will allow for a more accessible transition to reusable water bottles and increase school awareness of our club. Also, depending on how much the bottles cost, we may even be able to raise some funds. The details for this aren't complete yet—we will discuss this more in our next meeting.

On that note, we don't have a meeting next week! So, in the next two weeks, everyone should start writing their letters for the principal and consider designing a flyer. Otherwise, good job on the recycling initiative and keep up the good work!


A couple questions for our presidents:
  1. Is Mrs. Roberson in fact the name of the campus principal?
  2. What is her email address? I tried to find it on the school website, but it wasn't available anywhere.
  3. What are the details on OLP?
You can just leave your answers in the comments section, and I'll make a new blog post with the correct information.


  1. If the email address isn't on the school site, I'm pretty sure Mr. Steussy would have it in his school email contact list somewhere.

    A+ photo, by the way

  2. 1 & 2: I can't find anything on the school website! I'll be going down to the main office tomorrow, and I'll see if I can get any more details on that.

    3: I think if Clare can't remember too many details, we might have to wing it but I'll reach out to other people who are going to OLP and see if they could help us out.


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