Friday, May 28, 2010

Moms! You'll love this!

I've always had an interest in children, what keeps them healthy and happy, what toys they need and what toys they can live without. As I babysit, I have observed different parenting styles; cloth diapering, dispoasables, forumla, breast fed, barbies, and dolls with no expressions. In a way, I've come up with a parenting style of my own, one that increases brain function and creativity, one that keeps my children healthy and safe, and one that is not only good for the environment, but my household too. There are toys out there that talk and move, there are toys that cry and laugh, even toys that read to you. In my opinion, those toys tell you  how to play with them. What I want, is the old fashioned, wooden trains, and dolls soft and cuddly made out of cloth. Now a days, it seems impossible, or two expensive to get those "origional" toys. However it's not, toys from are worth their buck, and are environmentally friendly! I believe that cloth diapering is not for everyone and everyone has their reasons for using disposables or not. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about cloth diapering that may swing you from disposables. Check out these top five misconceptions here: So, as you journey on the great adventure known as motherhood, remember that earth is a part of you, like a sister, and your gift to your child, is the earth. "The earth is a gift from our parents that we pass on to our children." Let's make sure you can give your child, the cleanest earth you possibly can, by using eco friendly toys and diapers!

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  1. Yes I will definitely give cleanest earth to my child, by using Eco friendly toys and diapers.


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