Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mission Valley Fire & Wildfire tips

This afternoon around 2:19, a fire on a canyon on the south side of I-8 below University Heights, near Camino Del Rio South struck up. The fire was contained by fire fighters and two helicopters. However, around 4 PM the fire struck again, and quickly rose up the hill side. Thirty home owners and many hotel guests from the La Quinta and Hilton Inn were evacuated. Several backyards were almost touched by the fire. The fire has since been contained. Four acres were lost, no one was hurt, and the cause of the fire is still unknown. An investigation is under way. Many of my fellow Californian's say that "while other states have snow days, we have fire days." It is true, in the last five years students in San Diego and neighboring counties got a total of two weeks off due to wildfires. Although some fires are natural, which may be the case in the recent fire, some can be prevented. Here are some tips on how to prevent wild fires from your friend Smokey Bear at
Campfire safety:
Burning debris:
Equipment maintenance:
House safety:
If you start a wild fire, call 911, don't get scared and run. The sooner you call the sooner the fire can be contained and less will be destroyed. If you see a wildfire, don't assume someone else has already called 911, call and describe the location of the fire, answer all questions, and speak slowly and clearly. If you are asked to evacuate because of a wildfire, visit the FEMA website for tips.

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