Monday, May 3, 2010


Have an old phone lying around? Two year contract ending soon? Think about donating it to the ECO
ATM! What happens at the ECO ATM? "[The] ecoATM provides self-serve electronic eCycling stations which quickly inspects and assigns real-time secondary market value, collects/bins portable devices, provides payment to the consumer, and administrates any additional trade-in promotions / discounts loaded by the OEM and/or retailer." It's Easy at 1-2-3
Step 1) Insert portable CE device or handsetStep 2) Used device automatically valued
Step 3) Portables automatically binned inside. User receives trade-up coupon, gift card, cash, and/or charitable contribution
For more information visit:
And for a ATM near you visit:

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  1. The ecoATM looks really cool. I can't wait to see one. But you can already get paid for your cell phone. You can go to a site like You will get an instant quote and then you can print out a postage paid label and send it in (or we will send you a box with a postage label). It's easy and anyone can do it. We pay over $100 for some high-end phones.


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