Friday, April 30, 2010

It's time to get proactive!

It's one thing to talk about the environment but it's another to do something for it! Got a resuable bag? Take it to the grocery store! Has your coffee tumblr been sitting at home while your at Starbucks? Take it to a local coffee shop! Car broke down? Take the bus not a costly rental car! Do all this already? Think it's just another daily activity and isn't really doing anything for the environment? Think again! The average driver goes about 70 MPH on the highway and gets about 18.3 MPG. Their carbon footprint from Jan. 2009- today is 0.03. However those who bused from Chula Vista (where a lot of SDHS kids live) over the same course of time had no carbon footprint acorrding to Even though you do something everyday doesn't mean it isn't a good thing for the enviornment. STWF loves it went saving the enviornment is a daily routine, but try something new once a week such as meatless Monday or shower less Saturday.What new thing will you do?

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