Monday, February 6, 2012

environmental week!

hey guys, so just giving an update on last week's meeting!

We're pretty certain that ASB will grant us a full week dedicated to environmental awareness, and we'll be putting in a formal request for the use of the quad for lunchtime activities shortly. They won't be until April, but we wanted to figure it all out as soon as possible. By this Friday, we were hoping that everyone who took responsibility for one of the days of the week will give the entire club a brief presentation on their ideas for the activity (related to their theme, of course). The themes are as follows:

Meatless Monday — encouraging the incorporation of less meats and more sustainably farmed produce into our diets as a way of being conscious consumers (Lauren)
Trashy Tuesday — all about recycling and reducing waste (Jiem and Aliyah, I believe)
Water Conservation Wednesday — pretty much like it sounds, conserving that water, wooo (Katra)
Thrifty Thursday — encouraging reusing as well as the consumption of already used clothing as an alternative to new (Lorelay)
Save the World On Fridays — about the club, our mission, and helping out in small ways! (Nicola)

Of course, each person who took responsibility for the activities is likely to interpret these in slightly different ways. I just wanted to give the basic idea. Feel free to seek out club members that you saw volunteer for the theme days and offer to help and/or bounce ideas off of them. No one wants to or would be able to do it alone!

As an added note, we will also be selling water bottles at lunch all week and I'm sure a sign-up will circulate as we get closer to April.

Thanks everyone, and don't forget about your pitches on Friday!

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