Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sustainability 101?

This past Tuesday, Mr. Steussy brought to my attention the new major on sustainability launched at SDSU. Upon further research, I found out that sustainability is available in schools across that nation, notably Western New England University, Arizona State University and Columbia University (yeah, the one in the Ivy League).
Yep, this one.

I was rather intrigued by the type of classes offered along with this major. I mean, I always thought that sustainability and environmentalism couldn't be taught. Being green is a lifestyle choice, not an academic endeavor, right?

I found that choosing sustainability as a major requires one to choose from a list of classes including "Challenges of Social Development", "Climate Solutions" and "Survey of Legal and Policy Methods for Sustainable Development". For a more comprehensive list, click here.

So what do you guys think? Would you consider declaring sustainability as your major? How do you think programs like these affect our cause?

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  1. Hey J! I actually suggested the blog post re: colleges and how green they are after checking Columbia's list of majors. If I got in (and then subsequently matriculated and whatnot), I think the sustainability major might be a little heavy for me (it's difficult to double major) but I'd definitely be interested in taking classes from the major, or from the environmental studies major (which I'm sure more colleges offer, so that is a feasible plan wherever I go).

    Another thing to consider, and I say this because there are a good number of seniors in the club this year, is that colleges do have environmental clubs so you can be sure to continue your activism!

    In terms of the development of a sustainability major and its effect on the environmental movement, I think it's more the other way around and that the environmental movement has permeated into the curriculum and is now taking the form of (wowza!) a major.


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