Saturday, December 3, 2011


Hello everyone! I hope you had a good week back from break. Here's the stuff we talked about at yesterday's meeting:
  • Bottles! Katra is in charge of ordering the aluminum water bottles, and she should have it done by our next meeting. Also write your letters to Mrs. Roberson about the reduction of plastic water bottles. Her email is We need those sent!
  • T-Shirts! They have been ordered, and they need to be sold! If you ordered one, go ahead and buy one, they're pretty neat.
  • ASB! There's a meeting coming up at the end of December, but I will speak to them before then about our concerns and requests.
  • Gardens? That's possibly our next initiative. We'll have to decide on the details, though: what kind of garden we want, where we want it, and what kind of plants we want to grow. My own two cents: I think that whatever it is we do, we need to take into consideration the environmental impact/benefits of such a garden.
So yes, that's it! Yesterday was a rather brisk meeting. Now that we have our goals for the water bottle initiative figured out, we must complete the process of actually achieving those goals. So, play your part, and have a great weekend!

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  1. As a note, the t-shirts are $15, organic, and we have all sizes from small to XL! Stop by Steussy's room (1102, I believe?) with either cash or check to claim yours. (They also make marvelous gifts because they have a nifty design!)

    Re: the garden deal, I think it would be worthwhile to start looking into classic windowsill plants such as mint or rosemary, and set them up in January. Does anyone have specifics as to when the IS garden would be moved?


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