Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thrift stores!

Hi everyone! As Jimmy mentioned a couple posts earlier, we're organizing an environmental week. There's a document on the FB group for STWF (let me know if you need to be added!) for song suggestions so be sure to take a look at that if you haven't already.

For environmental week's Thursday the theme is "Thrifty Thursday" where we'll be encouraging everyone to wear their finds from thrift stores in order for a) people to see what cool things you can find at thrift stores and b) to also remove the stigma of owning previously used items. So, hopefully a) environmental week gets approved and b) you participate! However, even if those things don't happen, you should still check out a thrift store soon because you can always find fun (and CHEAP) things there.

Some locations:

Thrift Trader
3939 Iowa St
(between Lincoln Ave & University Ave)
San Diego, CA 92104

939 16th St
(between Broadway & E St)
San Diego, CA 92101

Buffalo Exchange
3862 5th Ave
(between Robinson Ave & University Ave)
San Diego, CA 92103

3847 5th Ave
(between Robinson Ave & University Ave)
San Diego, CA 92103

Frock You Vintage Clothing

4121 Park Blvd
(between Howard Ave & Polk Ave)
San Diego, CA 92103

Thrift stores don't only have clothes--they often have DVDs, CDs (I found a copy of Disintegration by the Cure once), books, games (found a complete set of Harry Potter clue!) etc. You really never know what you'll find there.

Post in the comments about the best and/or most outlandish thing you've found at a thrift store!

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  1. I got an A+++ picnic basket at Amvets for like 4 dollars! and Frock You is excellent.


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