Monday, January 16, 2012


Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't posted lately. My computer had to go for repairs and Senior year's been keeping me real busy. Just wanted to record and remind you of a couple things:

  • The bottles! They have come in, and we'll be selling them soon. We need to fill out a form first, but now we have the bottles to sell, it's super cool.
  • Speaking of bottles: the flyers you made. Remember them? You can post them up wherever. We don't need permission. So go for it.
  • T-Shirts! We still have a bunch! Buy one, they look (and feel) really neat. They're organic cotton! And, um, yeah. Oh: if you have one, make sure to wear it! I like the idea of wearing it on Fridays, as it creates more of a presence in the school.
  • Environmental week! We still need to figure it all out. I'll keep you updated on that.
So yeah. There's the stuff. Just part of my ongoing mission to provide transparency for student governments. Yeeeeeeeahppo.

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