Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is there a Farmers' Market near you?

(Hint: The answer is very likely YES.)

Going off of Lauren's post. . .Farmers' Markets!

San Diego Farmers' Markets

Hopefully you've been to a Farmers' Market before, but if not, you should definitely check one out as soon as possible, even if you don't think you'll buy anything because you should see what's out there (beyond Vons, Albertsons, Ralphs, etc.).

If you haven't been to one, another super nice thing is that most vendors have samples readily available, and if you're thinking about buying something but you're not sure if you really want to, they're pretty willing to accommodate you if you just ask for a sample.

So, make it your goal to check one out if you haven't been already. There's a list of locations HERE.

Also, Lauren's post alludes to this, but the vendors at the Farmers' Markets tend to be the same ones at other locations, so there's no need to go to every single one.

I also think that my fellow co-President Natalie and our lovely VP and blog writer Jimmy are working on a documentary about Farmers' Markets, so hopefully we'll be able to seen that soon!

And, lastly, a couple of reminders:
  • Mr. Steussy will have t-shirts available at our club meeting this Friday; bring $15 if you'd like to buy one!
  • Think about goals for our club, and how to implement them! (see Jimmy's post about the last meeting if you forgot what was discussed)

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