Friday, November 13, 2009

Ten easy ways to save the world(:

1. While waiting for the shower to warm up, catch it in a bucket and use it to water your plants.
2. When you don't need the lights on turn them off or if you're not in a room turn off the lights.
3. By local, organic grown food such as meats, eggs, dairy, fruits, and vegetables.
4. Borrow books and DVDs from the library. It saves ink and paper, and leaves your wallet full!
5. Keep your electronics for as long as possible and then recycle them or give them to a friend.
6. Hike/bike, trolley/bus/ or carpool (our motto) to school or work. It may take longer but it saves gas and fuel emissions and boosts your health!
7. Instead of being mailed bills or bank statements sign up to receive them by email.
8. Winters around the corner but don't go turning up the thermostat, bundle up instead!
9. Compost your food, its good nutrients for your plants.
10. Spread the word about saving the world(:
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