Friday, October 23, 2009

Bike Riding

Recently, I got my permit. As I've started to drive around, I've noticed the abundance of bikers. The more I see, my day seems to get a bit better. However, only about half of them follow the law. Biker saftey is very important to keep the biker from getting hurt, and even getting a ticket. The safest place for a biker is in the bike lane, if they choose to act like a driver (following traffic lights and stop signs). When on the side walk the biker must act like pedestrian. The law states that anyone under 18 must wear a helmet but it is in the best interest of the biker to wear one, whatever his or her age. Hand signals, seem to be the biggest problem for bikers. When changing lanes or turning you must signal which way you are going(left or right). At night, reflective gear and lights should be used to be seen in the dark. If you aren't already riding your bike to work, go ahead and do so now that you know the rules. For those still hesitant, many bike shops offer a road 101 course. Information provided by:

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